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AmericInn Sidney Nebraska: Scholastic Qualifying Open

Rook Rook

Sydney, Nebraska
January 11, 2003

Open Standings

1   Andrew M Smith      1807   1809   W4   W3   W2   W5    4.0   
2   Nickolas J Makris    unr   1356   W5   W6   L1   W3    3.0   
3   Jason Spearow        unr   1075   W6   L1   W5   L2    2.0   
4   Katherine F Makris   unr   827    L1   D5   D6   W6    2.0   
5   Noah Matthews        unr   659    L2   D4   L3   L1    0.5   
6   Jimmy MCGee          unr   560    L3   L2   D4   L4    0.5   

Extra Game Standings

1   Jason Spearow         unr   884   D2   D2   W2    2.0   
2   Katherine, F Makris   unr   616   D1   D1   L1    1.0