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Games from the Southeast Wyoming Open

Rook Rook Laramie, Wyoming
January 23-24,1999

These games are in ChessViewer format. You can also see a text version of these games.

Open Section

Round 1
Randy Canney vs Thomas Harrington
John Klinski vs Stephan Kroll
Allen Emmons vs Joseph Bihlmeyer
David Ludeman vs Timothy Schoessler
Brian Walker Sr. vs David Brunner
Dean Brown vs Tony Laird
Don Larson vs Shawn Svare
Allan Cunningham vs Wolfgang Kern

Round 2
Tony Laird vs Randy Canney
Stephan Kroll vs Allan Cunningham
Timothy Schoessler vs Brian Walker, Sr
Thomas Harrington vs Dean Brown

Round 3
Randy Canney vs Stephan Kroll
Allen Emmons vs Timothy Schoessler
Brian Walker Sr vs Joseph Bihlmeyer
Dean Brown vs Wolfgang Kern

Round 4
Joseph Bihlmeyer vs Randy Canney
Stephan Kroll vs Allen Emmons
Timothy Schoessler vs John Klinski

Reserve Section

Round 1
Demetrius Gastas vs Michael Miller
Allan Ufer vs Brian Walker, Jr.
Jon Fortune vs Mackenzie Williams
Rich Huggans vs Gavin Johnson
Asa Harrington vs Barbara Fortune

Round 2
Gavin Johnson vs Demetrius Gastas
Steve Ingle vs Sam Galler
Allen Schoessler vs Kathy Schneider
Jason Kunkel vs Allan Ufer
Michael Millar vs Rich Huggans
Kendal Crouse vs Barbara Fortune

Round 3
Demetrius Gastas vs Steve Ingle
Jon Fortune vs Brian Walker Jr.
Alan Safer vs Allen Schoessler
Sam Galler vs Gavin Johnson
Allan Ufer vs Kendel Crouse
Mackenzie Williams vs Asa Harrington
Barbara Fortune vs Rich Huggans

Round 4
Steve Ingle vs Alan Safer
Sam Galler vs Jon Fortune
Michael Miller vs Allan Ufer
Rich Huggans vs Mackenzie Williams
Allen Schoessler vs Kendel Crouse
Barbara Fortune vs David Ludeman