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Tri-State Chess Championship

Team Wyoming Dominates Idaho
in Inaugural Match

Rook Rook October, 2004
Jackson Hole

Complete results below.

A powerful Wyoming chess team took the honors at the first annual Tri - State Chess Championship held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming winning a 26 - 17 decision over the willing, but outgunned team from Idaho. Regrettably, Montana was unable to field a team for this inaugural event.

Jesse Cohen (2100) and Andrew Smith (2010) playing on boards one and two were the top scorers for the Wyoming team finishing with 3.5 each, and along with John Carr (1732) and Brian Walker (1672) on boards five and six with 3.0 each, set the pace for the Wyoming team. Wyoming won three of the four rounds and never trailed in the match, making a statement in the final round with a 7.5 - 2.5 tally. Five Wyoming players, Jesse Cohen, Andrew Smith, John Carr, Brian Walker and Randall Reiser (1288), escaped without suffering a single defeat over the board while dominating their opponents with an incredible 14.5 to 3.5 score! Cohen and Smith both had three victories apiece, although Smith's final round victory was a forfeit win as his opponent Stewart Sutton (1967) was too ill to play the round. Ron Matous (1745) finished with 2.5 while winning two games on board four against Daniel Pocol (1641). Tom Uptain (1476) also won two games on board nine in only three rounds.

Top performers for the Idaho squad were Jeff Roland (1700, board three), Daniel Looney (1549, board seven) and Kristine Sutton (1014, board eleven) with 2.5 and William Mabry (1291, board nine) with 2.0. Roland and Looney were the sole Idaho players to finish undefeated with Looney garnering two victories while playing only three rounds. Kristine Sutton lost the first round to opponent Barbara Fortune (711), but then stormed back with 2.5 / 3 in the final three rounds. Mabry spotted his opponent Allan Cunningham (1438) 147 rating points but still finished with an even score. Incidentally, the victory by Barbara Fortune over Kristine Sutton marked the biggest upset in the match with a 303 point rating differential! The biggest upset on the Idaho side came in round three when Dan Gregson (1350) defeated Mark Uptain (1522) on board eight, a 172 rating point differential.

Many thanks to all the players who made the trip to beautiful Jackson Hole to participate in this enjoyable event. Special thanks to Jonathan Fortune who tirelessly worked assembling the Wyoming team and also to all the Wyoming players who very graciously offered to sit out each round since Idaho was one player short. The 2005 version of the Tri-State Championship is already slated for October of next year, so please consider attending. Jonathan Fortune will be the organizer for that event. The Antler Inn in Jackson Hole also deserves many thanks for supplying the playing site and offering very reasonable room rates for the players. Thanks to all the players who made my job directing the event both easy and enjoyable. I hope to see everyone next year!


 1. Jesse Cohen (2100)       3.5
 2. Andrew Smith (2010)      3.5
 3. Brian Walker (1672)      3.0
 4. John Carr (1732)         3.0
 5. Ron Matous (1745)        2.5
 6. Tom Uptain (1476)        2.0
 7. Allan Cunningham (1438)  2.0
 8. Randall Reiser (1288)    1.5
 9. Barbara Fortune (711)    1.5
10. Shira Evans (1759)       1.5
11. Mark Uptain (1522)       1.5
12. Jonathan Fortune (1636)  0.5


 1. Daniel Looney (1549)     2.5
 2. Jeffrey Roland (1700)    2.5
 3. Kristine Sutton (1014)   2.5
 4. William Mabry (1291)     2.0
 5. Dan Gregson (1350)       1.5
 6. Daniel Pocol (1641)      1.5
 7. Donald Shouse (1239)     1.5
 8. Barry Eacker (1600)      1.0
 9. Hugh Myers (1584)        1.0
10. Stewart Sutton (1967)    0.5
11. Hans Morrow (2000)       0.5