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Cheyenne Chess Club Holiday Quick Tourney

Rook Rook

December 14, 2006
Cheyenne, WY

#NameIDRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[S]TBrk[M]TBrk[C]
1James E Kulbacki1028786318411845W11D3W5W2W7 4.5141313
2Jay M Shaeffer1245997516381646W8W9W4L1W3 4.01513.513
3Timothy Fisher1247078814221454W7D1W9W4L2 3.515.51412
4Lee Lahti1291455013161345W10W5L2L3W11 3.0131210
5Michael J Mccabe1351663217211694W6L4L1W11W9 3.013128
6Cory E Foster1292861311061115L5W10W8L7W12
7Alexande Mc Mahon131938759961061L3W11D10W6L1 2.513.587.5
8Archie E Shipp1291957310961095L2W12L6D9W10 2.51066
9Theodo Grauberger1277327212471226W12L2L3D8L5 1.51396
10Charles Herron unr.896L4L6D7W12L8 1.51183.5
11Ronald G Fertig1281573111831145L1L7W12L5L4 1.0138.53
12Derek Williams unr.696L9L8L11L10L6