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"Chess is touchstone to the intellect." Goethe

History of the WCA

Kendel Boyd Crose 1944-2008

Kendel Crose a longtime member of the Cheyenne Chess Club died at his home on February 12, 2008. He was born in Albert Lea, MN, graduated from high school in Wood, South Dakota and received a degree in Psychology from Denver Metro College.

Kendel Boyd Crose

Kendel loved to play chess and to analyze games. His best rating was an unofficial rating of 1225 in 1996. Kendel was a regular at the Cheyenne Chess Club and could often be seen analyzing a game with his friend Allan Cunningham, President Cheyenne Chess Club and Wyoming Chess Association. He also played on the Colorado Tour of Chess and had many chess friends along the front range. It has been said of him that Kendel never met a stranger.