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Article From Brian Walker President of the Wyoming Chess Association

January 28, 2017 – Games from Second Place finish at DCC #5 Tournament, Co

After two devastating tournaments, one at the MLK tournament two years ago and one in Utah, my rating dropped over 100 points and confidence too! This effort encouraged me! I got 3 ½ out of 4 in this G/45 d5. I did more study and reading more on better openings. My first Game was Black against Spence Huff (Unrated). His opening was outstanding, but the middle game needs a little polishing.

Round #1

Spencer Huff (Unrated) vs Brian Walker (1635)
Queen’s Pawn Opening
1. d4, d5
2. Nc3, Nf6
3. e3, Bf5 Very conservative
4. Bd3, Bg6
5. b3, e6
6. Bb2, Be7
7. Nf3, 0-0
8. Qe2, c5 I like this opening for white!
9. 0-0, Nc6
10. R/ad1, Rc8
11. Bxg6, hxg6
12. Ne5, cd I wanted to make sure that the bishop on b2 was blocked
13. ed, a6
14. Qf3, Bd6 14. Qf3, … shows that he is eyeing my h file
15. Ne2, Qc7 I start pressure on e5
16. Qe3, Ne7 Each of us are implementing our own plans
17. Ng3?, Qxc2 I normally don’t like pawn grabbing, this opens up the “c” file
18. Rd2, Qc7
19. Rc1, Qa5
20. Bc3!?, Bb4 (20. a4, …) May have been better
21. Rd3, Nf5
22. Nxf5, gxf5
23. Qd2, Bxc3 (23. …, Ne4! I missed it. It shows how rusty I am)
24. R/dxc3, Rxc3
25. Nf3??, R/fc8 He later said that he thought that the pin towards the Queen would win back the rook. He will learn the hard way
26. Rxc3, Qxc3
27. Qxc3, Rxc3 White resigned

Round #2
With my first round win, I feel a little better. I now face an 1800. It was fun
Brian Walker (1635) vs Timothy Martinson (1855)
Closed Sicilian
1. e4, c5
2. Nc3, Nc6
3. Nf3, g6
4. g3, Bg7
5. Bg2, Nf6
6. d3, d6
7. 0-0, 0-0
8. Bg5, h6
9. Bd2, Be6 Pretty much straight book
10. Ne2, Nh5
11. Bc3, Qd7
12. Bxg7, Kxg7
13. d4!, cxd4 The correct break, it favors me
14. N/ed4, Bh3
15. Qd2, e5 Fritz gives (15. …, Bxg2 16. Kxg2, e5 17. Nb5, … =)
16. Nb5, Bxg2
17. Kxg2, Nf4+ Now he tries a two piece attack. If (18. gxf4, Qg4+ 19. Kh1, Qxf3+ 20. Kg1, Nd4!) I am in a terrible position, he has great threats.
18. Kh1, Qh3 If (18. Kg1?, a6 19. Nc3, Nd4!! Ouch! Again)
19. Rg1, Qg4 He has the sword in his hand. I did not like my chances
20. Qe3, Nh3 I did not like (20. Nh4, … because of 20. …, g5!) it looked bad
21. Rg2, R/fd8
22. Nh4!, a6 ? Could (22. …, d5! 23. Nc7, d4 24. Qd3, Ra/c8 looked better for him?)
23. f3, Qc8
24. Nc3, Nd4 Fritz gives this =
25. Ra/c1, g5? Could (25. …, Qc4 26. a3, … better)
26. Nf5+??, Nxf5
27. exf5, Qxf5 White is now better
28. Rd2, g4
29. fxg4, Qxg4
30. R/cd1, Qe6
31. Nd5!, R/ac8
32. Rf1, Rc5?? This not the best. (32. …, Ng5 is better)
33. Rf6!!, Rxd5
34. Rxe6, Rxd2?? Better? (33. …, Qxd5+ 34. Rxd5, Kxf6 35. Rxc5, dxc5 36. Qxh6, Kxe7 38. Qxh3, …)
35. Qxd2, fxe6
36. Kg2?, Ng5 I missed due to less than five minutes on the clock ( Qg2!)
37. Qc3, Rd7
38. Qc8, Rf7 Now Black pawns fall and the Knight
39. h4, Ne4
40. Qxe6, Rf7+
41. Kg1, Rxc2
42. Qg4+, Ng5 Both of us are in time trouble. The Queen will swipe up
43. hxg4, Rxb2
44. gh+, Kxh6
45. Qe6+, Kg5
46. g4, Rb5
47. Qf5+, Kh4
48. g5, e4
49. Qxb5, axb5 The pawn will queen! The King handles the two passed pawns
50. b6!, … Black resigned four moves later

Round #3
Felix Yu is a bright, sharp 14 Year Old. He plays solidly and handles the opening well. He takes control. I manage to draw, after a defensive battle.
Felix W. Yu (1647) vs Brian Walker (1635)
Scandinavian Defence
1. e4, d5 I have played this defence from time to time, but I manage it well
2. ed, Qxd5 Why not!
3. Nc3, Qa5 This takes the opening out of main line. His solid piece development is noteworthy
4. Nf3, Nf6
5. Bc4, e6
6. 0-0, Be7
7. Ne2, N/bd7 I felt that (7. d4, …) was better
8. c3, 0-0 I have a free piece place game
9. d4, c6
10. Ng3, e5!? I see now that this was too early and I get pushed around. (10. …, b5! 11. Bd3, Rd8 might have been better!)
11. dxe5, Nxd5
12. Nxd5, Qxd5
13. Re1, Qc7
14. h3, Bc5 My Bishop on c8 is searching for activity
15. Qf3!, b5
16. Bb3, Bb7 Not the best. Fritz suggests Be6!? I felt it was the terrible.
17. Bf4, Bd6 Whites pieces are very well placed. 17. …, Qb6 gives him total control.
18. Bxd6, Qxd6
19. Nf5!, Qd8 I am now doing the Teaberry Shuffle
20. R/ad8, Nd5 The other alternatives are bleaker. I lose a pawn.
21. Ne7+, Kh8
22. Nxd5, cxd5
23. Bxd5, Bxd5
24. Qxd5, Qb6 I can’t trade Queen’s now, very bad
25. Re7!, Ra/d8 Praying for counterplay
26. Rd7, Rxd7 Why now (26. Rxf7!?, …)
27. Qxd7, h6
28. Rd5, a6 We both hit five minutes on our clocks
29. b4, Qf6! What if (29. Re5!!, …) or (29. Rd6, …)
30. Rd3, Kg8 What if (30. Qd6!, …) Then I lose the ending
31. Qd6, Qf5 We are in a tight time scramble
32. Rd1, Qc2 The Teaberry again!
33. Qd2, Qe4 Learning how to play speed chess does help sometimes!
34. Re1, Qc4
35. Re3, Rc8 Finally!!
36. Kh2??, Qf4+
37. g3, Qc4 He needs not to make inexperienced moves that weaken him
38. h4, Qf1! He is using time to think, our clocks are ticking
39. Re7, Qc4
40. Re3, Qf1 Signaling draw?
41. Re1, Qc4
42. Rc1, Re8 = now
43. a3, Re2 ½ - ½ Now I offered the draw as our clocks are very low

Round #4
I escaped last round with a draw. I now play Mark! He is good, very good. He has played in my tournaments. I know his openings. I must be solid. I normally don’t get two Whites and two Blacks. I got lucky!
Brian Walker (1635) vs Mark Krowczyk (1935)
Kings Indian Attack
1. e4, e6!
2. d3, c5
3. Nd2, Nc6 Bobby Fischer’s favorite way to attack the French
4. N/gf3, d5
5. g3, Nf6
6. Bg2, Be7
7. 0-0, 0-0 This finishes the book moves
8. Nh4, b5
9. f4, Qb6 He sides with the Queenside, I am for the Kingside
10. Kh1, de
11. Nxe4, Bb7
12. Be3, R/ad8 Our plans are set, the clash will be coming soon
13. Qe2, Nd4
14. Bxd4, Rxd4
15. Nf3, R/dd8? Better is (15. …, Bxe4 16. dxe4, Rxe4 or 15. …, Bxe4 16. Nxd5, Bxg2+ 17. Kxg2, cxd4!) Looks good for Black!
16. Ne5, Nd5 Fantastic position of the Knights
17. R/ad1, c4!
18. d4, Nf6
19. c3, a5
20. Rd2, Bd5
21. Ng5, Bxg2+
22. Kxg2, h6
23. N/gf3, Nd5
24. Re1, Qb7?? This Black move will hurt him, he pins his own Queen
25. Kg1, g6? I feel that (25. …, a4 or 25. …, b5 was better)
26. Qe4, Kg7 My Queen freezes the knight and poses threats to the King
27. g4!, f5 I now start throwing in the kitchen sink!
28. gf, Rxf5? Black should have played (28. …, exf5 29. Qe2, Nxf4! Better)
29. Rg2, g5 Why does Black want to open it up?
30. fxg5, hg
31. h4, Rg8? Why? (31. …, R8/f8 looks good)
32. hxg5, Qc8 Yes, Black has freed two pieces
33. Rf1, Nf4
34. Rg4, Nh5? (34. …, Nd3!!)
35. Nh4, Rxf1+ His clock is at seven minutes, mine five minutes
36. Kxf1, Kf8 If (36. …, Rf8+ 37. Ke1, Qe8 38. N/hg6, Rf5 39. Nxe7, Qxe7 Better) The Black King to flees
37. N/hg6+, Ke8
38. Nxe7, Kxe7
39. Qh7+!, Ng7
40. Rf4, Qe8
41. Rf7+, Kd8
42. Rxg7, Rh8
43. Qxh8!, … Black resigned a fork decides the game

I hoped you enjoyed the games, I had fun!