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Players Showcase

Games submitted by Cheyenne Chess Club members

January 2020 Interesting Games, Wyoming and other games that will show new ideas and great Wyoming Games!

Games from Wyoming Tournaments, by Brian Walker

Games from August 2019 DCC Quick Chess, by Brian Walker

Games from Second Place finish at DCC #5 Tournament, Co, by Brian Walker

A fine postal game by Allan Cunningham.

Recent games from Wyoming Players

        The Nardorf Silician (Played May 31 2013 at the U. S. Senior Open in Tarrytown New York)
        Brian Walker vs John Sheatsley    Annotations

        The Oop’s! Did I do that in my Game? (My Second Round Game at the U.S. Senior Open)
        Brian Walker vs Vincent Abate    Annotations

        The Power of the Two Bishops (Played at the Nov 2012 Wyoming Open, Fourth Round)
        Brad Lundstrom vs Eric Montany    Annotations