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The Nardorf Silician

by Brian Walker

(Played May 31 2013 at the U. S. Senior Open in Tarrytown New York)
Brian Walker vs John Sheatsley
Nardorf Silician
1. e4, c5 2. Nf3, d6 3. d4, cd 4. Nxd4, Nf6 5. Nc3, a6 6. Bg5, e5 ( Normally, e6 is the strongest) 7. Nb3, Be7 8. Be2, Be6 9. Qd2, N/bd7 10. f3, Rc8 11. 0-0-0, b5 12. Bxf6, Nxf6 13. Kb1, 0-0 14. a3? b4! (14. a3 is good accept here, b4 begins his assault on me.) 15. ab, Bxb3 16. cxb3, Qb6 (Now the tripled pawns are weak. 16. , Qb6 gives me great counter play. I feared, 16. , Rb8! 17. Na4, Qc8 18. Rc1, Qb7 19. Rc4, a5!) 17.Na4, Qb7 18. Bc4!, Rb8 ( The bishop here is the pillar of my defense and headed to d5!) 19. Rc1, Qxb4 ( 19. Rc1, is the beginning of my mobility idea! Keep rooks active.) 20. R/hd1, Qxd2? (All computers say that Qb7 was the best move! Then move his rooks in!) 21. Rxd2, a5 22. R/dc2, Nd7 23. Bd5, Nc5 24. Rc3, Rb5 25. Nxc5, dxc5 ( The question is now, what is weaker, doubled pawns or isolated pawns. ) 26. Kc2!, (Diagram) Rc8 27. Ra1, Bd8 28. Bc4, Rc6 29. Rd3, Rb8 30. R/ad1, Bf6 31. Rd7, Rf8 32. Ra7, Bd8 33. R/dd7, Rf6 34. Rd5, Bb6 35. Bb7, g6 36. Rxe5, Rd6 37. R/ee7, Rf6 38. e5, Rc6 39. Bd5, (39. e6, looks promising) Black Resigns