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The Oop's! Did I do that in my Game?

by Brian Walker

(My Second Round Game at the U.S. Senior Open)
Brian Walker vs Vincent Abate
The Oop's
1. e4, e5 2. f4, Nc6 (This early move of 3. …, Nc6 is seen in many gambits such as the Latvian and other variations of King Pawn Opening gambits) 3. Nf3, ef 4. d4, d6 5. Bc4, f6? (a bit over cautious, a straight 5. …, g5! Is better.) 6. Bxf4, g5!? (That’s better!) 7. Bg3, Bg7 8. 0-0, Qe7 9. Nc3, Na5? (What is needed is more development on black’s side.) 10. Bd3, c6? ( 10. …, Nh6 would have been better.) 11. b4!, Qc7 12. bxa5, Qxa5 13. Ne2, d5 14. e5, Bg4 15. h3, Bxf3 16. Rxf3, 0-0-0? (Diagram) (The worst move on the board. Any other move does not lose this quickly.) 17. Bf5+, Kb8?? (17. …, Rd7 would have been better) 18. exf6+!!, Ka8 19. fxg7, Ne7 20. gxh8/Q, Rxh8 21. Qd3, h5 Black resigned, six moves later.