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The Power of the Two Bishops

by Brian Walker

(Played at the Nov 2012 Wyoming Open, Fourth Round)
Brad Lundstrom vs Eric Montany
Classical Dutch Defense
1. c4, f5 2. d4, e6 (Eric's favorite opening is the Dutch) 3. g3, Nf6 4. Bg2, Be7 5. Nc3, 0- 6. Nh3,(Innovation? Or Book?) d6 7. 0-0, e5 8. e3, Kh8 9. f4, e4! (Black closes the center to make the wing attacks work in his favor.) 10. Nf2, c6 11. b3, d5 (Making the center solid.) 12. cd, Nxd5 13. Nxd5, cd 14. Bb2, b6 15. Qc2, Ba6 16. R/fc1, Bd6 17. Bh3, g6 18. Kh1, Bb7 19. g4, (a Kingside attack begins) Nc6 20. gf, gf 21. Rg1, Rc8? 22. Qe2, Qh4 (Stopping Kingside penetration of the White Queen) 23. Rg5, (Fritz gives 23. Rg3, Ne7 as =) Nb4 24. Ba3, Ba6 25. Qd2, h6 26. Rg6, (Brad has plenty of time, but Eric has less than five minutes left) Rc2 (Eric sees this as a crushing penetration of the second rank, but?) 27. Qxc2!, (Diagram) Nxc2 28. Bxd6!, Rg8 (Oops!! Black now sees that he is in trouble with the two bishops.) 29. R/ag1, Rxg6 30. Rxg6 , h5? (a terrible mistake in time trouble. Fritz gives 30. , Kh7 and black has time to recover.) 31. Bxf5, Nxe3 ( This 31. , Nxe3 is as good as any other) 32. Be5+, Kh7 33. Rg7+, Kh6 34. Rh7++